A Long Way to Go

by Ethan Lobo
(Mangalore, Karnataka, India)

The first day was the day,
when I came out of my mother's womb,
It was her face which came into my sight,
For I was the one chosen for her,
I know I cried for the first time,
but I didn't know why.

For the time when I was not even a year old,
I could see monsters here and there.
But when I asked Dad,'what was that Dad?'
I didn't know why, he was so glad.

And now it was my third year,
I could see everything here.
I used to go school,
For now I had two mothers,
one at home and another at school.
Was there a way to stop to my friends?
Teasing and teasing!
Was there a way to stop this nuisance?

And now I was fourteen years old,
Is there a way to stop my parents?,
Study and study till you die!
For you need something not to hide!
A long way to go.
For days will come and days will go,
But I will charge on forever.

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