A Love Maze

by Sara Sims
(Adelaide, SA, Australia)

Mushy, mush! Mush!!
Emotions twirl and rush.
Am I over sentimental?
Words, dribbles, all gets mental.
Your kiss, a bathroom plunger
that sucks in all my hunger.
Tell me sweet nothings, dear,
words that aren't mean, austere.

Different roads are here to check,
‘Love terrains’ for us to trek:
‘Addictive love’, coated by need,
no cares of hurt or cost, indeed.
There’s no beginning and no end
a woolen knot that just extends.
The two of us enmeshed as one,
tangled, knotted, with no spine.

‘Romance’ is next, yes, wait my pet.
Rose-colored glasses, great, no threat.
The very best in mushy trends
and in the movies it never ends.
Because it’s dipped in fantasy,
it’s filled with lust and ecstasy
it’s whole and good, what a delight,
but when the ‘Real me’ comes to light,
you leave it all and take a flight
and I am left with a broken heart.

And the last one, not the least,
is seasoned love, a true real feast.
This one, is the love that lasts
NO illusions, YES respect, trust.
Sounds dull without much thrill,
are you sure this is for real?
Too vanilla, you may say,
talk and talk all night and day.

Here we are, my dearest friend,
it’s up to us not to pretend
and leave behind the mushy-mush,
perhaps decide, but what’s the rush?
Let’s have some kids, a solid life,
and drop off dreams of mushy stuff.
Leave behind regrets and plungers
woolen knots and rosy slumbers.

Jump-in, embrace this special chance
and take the plunge right here, at once.
Let’s get inside the ‘labyrinth’
And navigate these tips in print.

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