by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA)

Can I say I’m sorry and mean it?
Can I say I’m sorry and you’ll believe it?
Can I say I ‘m sorry and be forgiven?
Can I say I’m sorry and know I will be?

I’m sorry for the hurt you now feel
I know it wasn’t part of the deal
Sometimes things happen they do
I got too close, I fell in love with you.

Now we both suffer from broken heart
We should have never let this start
Somehow the truth is we did
A love that we couldn’t forbid.

My feelings are still very strong
A love for you that was wrong
I should have ran the other way
Sadness is now the cost we pay.

I’m truly sorry for the part I played
The cost of hurting you wasn’t weighed
My heart to you wasn’t mine to give
Of me I hope you will be able to forgive.

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