A man obsessed for knowledge

by matthew scott harris
(schwenksville, pennsylvania, usa)

This hunger artist cannot read fast enough
to satiate an immense appetite and un
quenchable thirst to acquire learning from
the millenniums fount of cumulative chance
revelations (or deliberate intent to validate,

a premise vis a vis via investigative research),
thus unwittingly setting alight an intense
inquisitiveness sans this curious George primate
experienced the equivalent of mental priapism),
whose every waking hour, (when not tending
toward the basic needs for survival as a seemingly
foreigner in this helter skelter, madcap, slap
happy, whirled wide web) expended to enrich

the yawping immeasurable volume this fist size
shrouded within skull and cross bones, a vast
scope of innumerable chunks of fascinating,
fortifying, and fulfilling various subject matters,
that when pursued to an approximate logical
conclusion. These sundry shiny, salutary nuggets

of wisdom send a surge within this white knight
of orgasmic sensations coursing throughout each
neuron and axon of this gourmand famished for
(imagine if you will) overflowing platters full
of juicy, fruity, and bounty tea full volumes of
incredible edible raw bit size (since thy upper

denture functions most satisfactorily with byte
size tidbits of savory, tasty, ultimately vaunted
mouthwatering tidbits teasing me to such fancy
feast (as one godaddy) heightening inexplicable
joie de vivre keen longing making tongue lick
lips in anticipation to partake from smorgasbord

of expansive culinary cuisines. Though nada lick
of evidence concluded that hair color plays a role,
(especially plait tin ham), I chose an arbitrary
(without arbitration, deliberation, or genuflection)
hair raising experiment to be blonde courtesy of
hydrogen peroxide as a last ditch effort to increase
the rate my noggin can absorb page after page of
sought after printed information, less to impress
anybody, but more so to satisfy an incessantly

voracious yen to understand, which (as a minor
side effect) increases the weight of thine fifty plus
shades of gray cerebral matter. Thee correlation
asper whether a lighter tinted non natural tone of
genetically decreed follicles (sprouting within

Ziegfeld Follies like tender brownian growth
thread wide spindles in the case of myself), I
certainly experienced, invited, and measured
quantifiable uptick in incidents involving being
queried as a schnorrer in a city where the streets

lack any names) adorning straggly strands striving
superiorly (regaling this uber ville wondrous tourist)
with crackling, popping, and snapping electrical charges,
which (as a side note) allow, enable and provide
a pronounced ability, whereby contests of pages

gets vacuumed within a blink of an eye to imbibe
(without any adverse reaction of heady inebriation
jeopardizing body, mind or sprit of Brexit ting away
from eye Yankee doo dill confounding basic auburn
zillions of tough proteins called keratin. Hopefully,

this answers a question addressed from thine youngest
of two sisters (who questioned the if wondered the
decision to apply a healthy dose of hydrogen peroxide
upon tippy top of this egghead, which some obvious
non-permanent lighter tinged mop top), may know

what prodded this peculiar hair brained schema.
A head strong likelihood, she will still puzzle over
a quasi-understandable rash motive, and deduce
this sole brother, as being a bit fried, scrambled,
or poached. This never ending ongoing ever-quest

for amassing as much valuable dollops of knowledge
(carnal and otherwise) only guesses that a seed spore
got planted when this Homo Sapien a whippersnapper
and germinated over the ensuing decades – almost
LX in Roman numerals – never to abate, but increasing
in intensity from birth til this very instance. A postulate

could be stated (without being matter of factly proven
asper my weight in dandruff flakes, nor simulated),
that this sudden impulsive whim to sprinkle (and
daub here and there) indiscriminate areas along my
asthmatically butchered, cropped, dreaded (self scissored)
topiary. The resultant micro-environmental impact

(asper this minuscule oblate spheroid papa's putty
filled thinker) interestingly enough seems to evince
an infinitesimal marked-up, quickened, torqued,
and undeniable value whereat X-rays reveal more
vibrant encased hemispheric hotbed humming with
what (experts studying spongiform material) vouch

safe as a most definite smidgen spike, where the art
of literary creativity concerned.Who knows what
might happen if this generic, idiotic, kinetic (Medtronic
sponsored endeavor) if this Dharma bum (albeit
harmless, nameless, and senseless) might choose

a glow in the dark hot pink hue as stimulating
the literary goal of yours truly to experience in
creased sparks of literary output. Now that this
atypical, decimal edging fifty nine January thirteenths
(comb two thousand and eighteen) seems to dabble

in harmless, meaningless, rudderless oar a tour
rick hull whatsapp pro pre yet to him, other family
members, friends, strangers, et cetera) might make
a mental note (by Jeeves) to keep their distance
lest me erratic, frenetic, kinetic lunatic quirkiness
could be contagious, which reclusive quality
pleases me. This disengagement with the human
population at large, or one lone hearts club bandy
legged music-minded Beatle browed cretin with
diametrically opposed tenets to the status quo trans

slates into increased hours to whittle Wordsworth
vacuous, vapid vernacular verses, especially ideal
for any rabbit breeder to spend without contributing
to his/her purpose driven life, YES this bit of yikyak
paddy whack give snoop doggy dog a bone a near

perfectly splashed valueless hacking burst of baloney.
Mayan lee ripple lye would be that some itty bitty teensy
weensy cognitive entertainment galvanized internal
kickstarter making occular quest striving to vacuum
up measly, wordy, windy...woeful demonstration of
ineptitude here to avoid reading any subsequent material

birthed via this author. Much more blather could be
spun forth on par with total fluff er nutter filler, this
word wrangler could find himself a New York Times
best seller at the expense of dying his wavy locks an
off beat color of red, white and blue to be excoriated,
lambasted and vilified, yet proud to be an American!

This tender as tinder, twittering thought provoking,
tumblr (from the instagramming, shutter-flying, snap
chatting chattering chap), tries to accrue a treasure trove
of thoroughly mind bending mental fodder. Upon said
food for thought aperitif, I scrupulously scrutinize,

catalyze, analyze, et cetera any unfamiliar piece de la
resistance information. Such novel discovery of datum
(acquired thru never tiring exercise of reading, or per
chance overheard mentioned by another) undergoes
rigorous mortise and tenon vetting process before being

welcomed aboard my subatomic size mini Leviathan,
where a trial period of observation elapses before this
alien bric a brac subsumed under the auspices of
designated driver who unloads the contents.

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