A Mother's Love

by Gianne Marie Tirthdas Lim
(Bacolod City, Philippines)

All those things I've done I cannot undo
All the pain and distress I put you through
Forgive me for causing your heart to bruise
I know I'm not the perfect daughter someone would choose

You gave me guidance and lit up my path
But I took the detour without looking back
You've always been passive towards my mistakes
You understood and forgave me anyway

Now that I've grown, I began to see your love
I began to understand what life is all about
Now that I've learned from my past, I began to see the truth
I began to understand what your love is about

Once again, I will redeem myself
I'll take away all your distress
I'll do my best to make you proud
And remember to always keep my feet on the ground

Truly a mother's love is unconditional
It holds no grudge and knows no bound
Never in doubt, always understands,
Always forgives and always profound

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