A Mother's Love

by Anthony Wayde Vail
(Battle Creek Michigan, Calhoun)

My mom Shelia and her Sister Shelly

My mom Shelia and her Sister Shelly

This is a special bond between a mother and son. It can't never be altered, bent or broken. This
love is magical, it will never falter no matter the fights or harsh words that were spoken.
A Mother's Love
This is something I know A lot about. So bare with me as I try my hardest to jot this out. I want to
paint a perfect picture. So everyone can see the sacrifices our mothers made for you and me.
We've all had one. A Mothers that is.
They don't hand out pamphlets or instructions books after were made. Our mother's had to
figure this all out, and trust and believe it's not as easy as it seems. I know this first hand. They
went on a hope and a prayer and I'm sure they were nervous and scared, that they would make
the same mistakes their mothers have made.
A Mother's Love
It's untainted and can't be measured in numbers, math equations or what you had, did not have
or even wanted as a kid. “Materialistic things”
You only live once so that's why she was a little rough on teaching you a few things, but it's
clear to see some important things your kind, caring and respectful but you'll always be the
loving baby she still sees.
She just wants you to be the best you can be. That's why she taught you the morals and values
you still use and value today.
She's been the one your whole life pushing and pulling you out of bed.
A Mother's Job
It's never finished no matter where go to live, what age you may reach or if you strike it rich and
become famous as shit.
She has a lifetime commitment and promised she would never neglect nor abandon you all the
days she still lives.
She's always going to be here no matter what was said. She knows you more now then when
you were a kid. She's the one who made and raised you to be. The person everyone knows and
sees kind, caring, gentle and free.
By: Anthony Vail
I'd like to dedicate this to the most two wonderful and beautiful women I was blessed with to
have in my life.
To my: Mother, Sheila Nowlan, who's in heaven living the dream. I love you mom!!
And to: her, Sister: Shelley Hendryx, Best Aunt you could ever have. I love you!!

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