by Rick McGrath, Ph.D.

Once I dreamed I went to bed
And when I woke I was dead.
As I wandered the darkened street,
A philosopher was waiting to meet.
Confused, I asked if we could talk.
“Sure we can, let’s take a walk”.
As we walked he turned into a crow,
And he said, “what you reap you sow.”
What do you mean I ignorantly asked?
He flapped his wings and took me to task.
“Be yourself and don’t hide behind the mask.
Life is too short so be who you are
In heaven you are already a star”.
So I asked, Crow who are you?
“A dead philosopher, it’s true.”
So I asked, why are you here?
“Human, you are my inner fear.
Look at me I am but a lonely crow.
Remember you reap what you sow.
You think I am here for you,
That I will tell you what to do.
But it is you who are here for me,
So accept who you are and let it be”.

By Rick McGrath, Ph.D.

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