A Shattered Heart

by Julio

I wish i didn't have to feel this way.
Saying goodbye will be the hardest I've to do
but I know there's no other way but to let go
It hurts so much just to breathe
and the pain I can no longer bare
Sometimes everything seems fine,
and there are days like today,
where I get lost in my thoughts,
thinking and dreaming about you
I miss you more than you can ever imagine,
The warmth of your embrace I so dearly miss.
I miss the way you used to look at me,
that beautiful smile on your face.
I miss the goodnight kisses
and waking up next to you.

Wishing I could just hold you tight
just one more time,
kiss you one more time
and feel the warmth of your embrace
but I know that can never be
and it breaks my heart.
Words cannot describe the pain I'm feeling
but I know I must let go.
I will treasure and cherish
every moment I spent with you,
But now I must bid you goodbye.
I wish you nothing but happiness
even if it may not be with me.

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