A Social Drinker

by Alon Calinao Dy
(Samar, Philippines)

I drink beverages in public places
But it is not a rare disease
It's only my way to release
Life that's full of daily stress.

You think I'm an alcohol addict
Better be sure or I'll break your neck
I'm just having the time of my life
Let me enjoy this party tonight.

Baby, I promise I'll cause you no harm
I'll even hold you close in my loving arms
But please, let me drink for a while
And never put a stain on my profile.

I'll break no law, I'm an abiding citizen
I respect and love men and women
I care about the young and old people
I wouldn't be here now if I was unlawful.

Written by : Alon Calinao Dy

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I thought it was just for fun until I became
addicted. Been on the wagon 20 years and I don't
miss it...BE CAREFUL...Stop now before it's too

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