A Song to the Moon

by Daman Singh
(Ludhiana, Punjab, India )

For you, I had been waiting
With bated breath.
The sun that lingered
Along the horizon, tried
To captivate me with its fire.
Yet I demanded the day's death
To reach you with my eyes
And experience tranquility.
The sun was then
Coerced to retire.

All day long, I sing
Of you, radiant and splendid
Yet hold a mysterious outlook.
The night you wane,
I still sit by the babbling brook.

Taking in your grace
I adore the scars, which
Add up enticing charm
To your outlandish visage
That appears white but feels warm.

In the company of the Stars,
The Skies and the Clouds,
You glow like a goddess
Bestowing upon me
Her tender light.
Conveying eternal love aloud,
You fill my mind
With hope and relief.
And in silence,
I savour the night.

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