A Stranger.......

by Dhanashree Bhoge

I met a stranger calm and cool,
I felt he was generous and also was a fool…

He met me on my school way,
He just smiled but nothing he said ….

Suddenly, my cycle crushed on a pole,
I was crying bitterly with my broken soul….

He came and helped me to get up,
He gave me a drink of tea in a cup…

He then took me to a doctor,
And this was his best help factor….

When doctor said I was alright,
He took me to school on his bike….

His humanity really touched my heart...
That day.. he helped me drive my life's cart..

I will never forget that person ever,
The treatment he gave me was really a favor ….

he was like an angel to me,
Who helped …. Without knowing me…..

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