by Michael Dowds

Back in the sixties when i was young
when silence is golden so sweetly was sung.
As we worked in the bog
the turf we had to win
with spades and barrows '
till the long day was done.

As the thoughts in our hearts were of music and fun.
While only the lonely was the song we would sing.

The evening came slowly forming its soft plotted shadows on the hills by the red evening sun.

The time of song and dance was about to begun
Dancing to the sound (Blue sawed shoes and surfing USA
(the huckelbuck) and (Walk on by) and Yesterday Man)
And the soft sound of (Solitaire)

In those crowded ballrooms in those days in the sun
When rock n roll was the song we sung.

Back in the 60'when i was young.

by Michael Dowds.

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