A Transcendental Moment

by Daniel Miltz
(Hampstead, NH U.S.A)

A Transcendental Moment

{Free Verse}
May 26, 2018 • Copyright © daniel miltz

Long prior, a young fellow, was perched over a bluff
Gazing at the sea, in a bright Oregon town
He sees hanging low, CLOUDS coming soon
All of a sudden, from the sky, a falling quill, shows up next to him

The young fellow gets up, and strolls forward, for greater CLARITY
Concealed, behind a curve, on the precipice's side
As the waves are breaking tenderly, on the frothy shoreline
Out of the blue, from the sky, a falling quill, shows up next to him

An icy breeze, substantial, with a salty fog shows up
Brushes over and around him, with a delicate breeze CHALLENGE
As he ran his ghost fingers tenderly, through his delicate hair
Sudden there swooped, a falling quill, shows up next to him

As he plummets the precarious sand and wood stairs
To the coaxing, shoreline, beneath
The young fellow, looks upward, into the sky
In an unexpected flash, a heavenly attendant, shows up next to him

The young fellow, now an old man
Did not recollect that, anything, simply just the vision, he viewed
His soul will always remember that snapshot
Of glimmering hues, daylight beams and quills

The old man will recall forget, that supernatural portrait
Of the Angel he met -- Amid MY LIFE'S Trip!

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