A Trapped Institutionalzed Mind

by Kevon Parks
(Montgomery, Alabama)

Trapped minds closed in behind
a cold prison wall,
Where you can't find love,
and it's easy to fall
foes become friends,family
and loved ones disappear
you can't envision the end,
and freedom becomes fear.
Kids become grown,
idols and mentors die
your hate is known,
and no tears shed when you cry
you stop writing home,
or going to mail call,
and you feel alone in a mall.
Often your trust is abused, or tested.
Your dreams become unreal,
you're unsure how you feel.
Your days become long,
your nights even longer,
your ways become wrong,
your deceits even stronger.
As for pain,you're used to it,
so it doesn't last
how can you gain tomorrow,
living in the past.

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