A Vampire's Passing

by Nichole Oliver

I lay rested at my final hour.
Not knowing where I might go,
No longer clinging to the hope of rising again.
I gladly accept this fate,
Even if the consequences are not of eternal happiness,
I look up at the skies, tainted black at this midnight hour.
I knew this would come, and I am prepared to leave.
I am proud that I have lasted this long,
Through all the pain that life has given me,
All the scars of Love that never healed,
The times I could have given up,
And the times I swore I would keep myself from hurting others.
Forgive me little one, that I have to leave you too soon,
You are too young to understand that life is not fair,
Take care and remember these words,
You may continue this life I have lived,
To Heaven or Hell if that is where I must go.
Be brave and set yourself free, for I will no longer be here to hold you,
Little one, please do not cry,
Your happiness will come, you must let go of me for I will not last.
You have youth and you have just begun learning.
Immortality cannot save me now, You must continue by yourself now,
Be strong and learn to love, do not let hate and despair destroy your happiness.
I reach to you with my blood soaked hands, to touch your young soul for one last time.
I watch you take my hand and kiss it goodbye.
I smile to comfort you, to tell you I am happy you came to me,
Born of something so gentle and brave, unafraid to touch me,
Unafraid to touch something as filthy as I,
Your kindness will bear great gifts to people you will come to know,
Know that I love you, and will never regret I found you,
I am overjoyed that you are the very last thing I will ever see,
Your sweet and gentle face, I will never forget.
Do not weep, your face should not be filled with this despair,
I will no longer be here to care for you, but I will never leave you,
Keep me in your heart and please never forget me.
This last memorable moment, it is yours.
I will always be here in your heart, watching you till your last moments,
I will wait a thousand years if I have to, just for you.
My light is now fading, as I take my last look at the little boy you are,
I smile once more, nurturing you.
Take care and live your life, I will always watch you, do not fear.

I'm going now, This is my last breath.

I'm going now, this is my last breath.

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