A Warrior's Struggle

by Michael
(Jacksonville, NC, USA)

The mind wanders through the darkness wondering if it will ever be sane again. The sounds and scent of battle linger at every turn. Souls lost, doomed to an eternity of emptiness, walking the earth till we part. Never again shall we find the peace we had at war, the peace that comes with the rush of combat. Once we leave that intoxicating realm where we lived life on the edge, a piece of us gets ripped from our bodies. Our home will remain on the field of battle forevermore. As we try to live as normal men we always recall the things we’ve seen, the things we’ve done.

Our bodies may stand before you, but our minds, hearts, and souls remain in a distant land so far, far away. Our scars and turmoil come in many forms, be that in a physical form or those not so visible to the naked eye. We are gladiators of a different sort, warriors of a different breed. Our bond is stronger than blood; our love for one another has no equal. As the days go on I realize that what lurks beneath is far greater than what is shown on the outside.

Walking in silence as the beast within quiets my cry for help, I can’t control it, the demons want out. Constantly struggling to keep them at bay, it’s a never ending battle against that which wants to be unleashed. The wrath of souls forgotten by those they loved most, held dear to my heart. The mind fills with hate and discontent while the heart turns to stone, no sympathy to be shown.

Their desire for blood causing my rage to boil, my temper to flair. Ready to explode at any given moment, having no idea that it’s about to happen. Soon enough the world will see us for what we are, they will cower in fear at the mere mention of our name. We are heroes to some yet labeled as monsters by the masses, cast aside like yesterday’s trash awaiting some other lonely soul to cross our path. Never shall we forget those we’ve lost, with every passing that occurs a part of me goes with it. I have nothing else to give, but my life alone, everything else is long gone never to be seen again.

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