A White Christmas

by Daniel Van Sickle
(Toronto, Ontario)

In all my past memories it seems to come late,
November, December we sit and we wait
The weather is perfect it's bloody well cold,
But it seems a White Christmas will be a story untold

The treetops all bare, the grass still glows green
The sun may be shining but that windchill is mean
To Canadians cold and warm weather are one and the same
But when it's this cold NO SNOW is a shame!

The skis all shined up, boards sharpened and waxed
Ready for the hills, but snow the hills lack
With every new sunrise, a chance, could it be!?
A look out the window to see white, FINALLY!

Treetops shine bright, no grass to be seen
The rooftops of houses are all glistening
A white christmas this year was but once just a dream
But a miracle happens when St Nick's listening

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