A World That We Destroyed...

by Shaista Khadim

Fires. Bullets. Blood. Gunmen. Shots. Bombs. Cries.
This is a world we live in.

"Fire broke out
10 people died"

"Gunmen shot at people
A dozen dead"

"Drones sent
Killed 20"

"Bomb attacks
40 dead"

Sad life.

"Oh,bomb attack?
How many died?
10? Oh never mind. Just 10."
No value for human life anymore?

An entire world is uprooted
When a single person passes away
Here,in this world,when 20 die
People thank God its just that many.

Sad. Very sad.
Where is the world that God created?
A world where good hides itself
And evil rules?
Where bad people sin
And walk around proudly?
Where good people act
And they are killed?
Where people laugh at other's pains
And cause misery to other's when in pain?
Where people die like robots in a game
Where those sitting up at high positions
Lavishly live in their houses
And drive cars that cost a fortune?
Or this?
Where your neighbour might be dying of starvation
But you have the audacity to open your fridge full of food
And bellow:
There's never anything to eat.
Or maybe this world?
Where blood is cheap
And the green money rules.
The green paper wipes off all honesty
And kills one's conscience?
Or this?
Where lies and dishonesty
Breaks ,shatters,uproots people
Worlds come down crashing.

This is not it.
God didn't make the world like this.
We did.
We are to blame.
When will we learn?
When will we stand?
When will we be the humans God made us?

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