A World With No Light

by Alana Arellano

Living in a world with no light.
It's always dark, day and night.
There is nothing that can be seen.
There is nothing that can be heard.
But the images and sounds that seem to only disturb.

It's a path being traveled.
In search for whatever is to come.
Yet, it's hard to find when in the night there is no moon.
And in the day there is no sun.

Leaving behind a lost memory .
As searching for a new life to be.
Though lost on the path causing negative change.
Insecure of what to see.
Now losing focus on what there is to lead.

A dream, this is a wish to be.
Falling so far and trapped in misery.
Addictions are poorly faced.
Silent guilt and regret stream the veins.

~ Lonnie ~

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