by Miss Brooke Rasheda Lovestone
(Saint Louis, Missouri)

Where's Othello? Othello...

This shining knight in arm as dark skies fades to bright.

Othello, Othello...

Where have you gone? A man among men that cascades dark skies.

Whom thy bare trust within clichés of unworthy.

Othello, Othello, city walls cry out your name. Greatness, strength, hollow hand there-in.

Othello, Othello thy dangle in distress need never be nor weeping willow that gasps in vain.

Propaganda minimizes with only those whom ponder upon deem disguised wise comrades of

Deceit drowning in a pool of madness {self-created} as you glide ever so gently among

Comrades of deceit. Valor of valor, trust of trust... Your queen was never of deceit nor

Disguise. She's commander, only via Othello's request- grand intentions beside you as well

as silent while he speaks, trust among trust, amongst men of grand intentions. No army of

Distrust will ever conquer a worthy woman. Othello, Othello, thy city waits shivery.

© Brooke Rasheda Lovestone

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