by Bryan J. Trahan
(Lake Charles)

Exotic Actuation

Exotic Actuation

Abstract images of actuate into accepted objectivity.
Exotic function mingling with stability and illusion.
Syncopated information composed from minor into major.
Infrared resonance claiming equal chance with
Obvious Resistance,
Obvious Consistance,
Obvious Complacency,
Obvious Normalcy,
Obvious Subtraction,
Obvious Reaction.

Extreme textures concieved into patterns relativity and varacity.
Intermittent formula of certainty and treason.
Event horizon revealing
Elevation of Lyric,
Elevation of Rhythim,
Elevation of Eloquence,
Elevation of Relevance,
Elevation of Confidence,
Elevation of Action,
Elevation of Climax.

Surrealistic focus integrated common reason into disorder.
Psycopathic fabric woven with sedated logic.
Variations of
Vague and Realized,
Out and In,
Loss and Win,
Empty and Full,
Distant and Intimate,
Apathy and Sentiment.

If meaning were touch,
Then in motion I flail.

If confusion were definition,
Then deception becomes clear.

If essence were indistinguishable,
Than insanity becomes dear...

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