Abuse from a Woman

by Linda Slusser
(Lansing MI USA)

Image by Jermaine (Artist)

Image by Jermaine (Artist)

Here I sit in Jackson prison,
thinkin' bout the judge who made this decision.

He did not allow me to speak my piece,
I am the one who should have called the police.

She bit me and kicked me without any cause,
I took it like a man..I deserve an applause.

She clawed my face..making a demand,
I am truly sorry if she did break her hand.

She fired her gun just missing my knee,
A little bit higher..could have killed me.

The judge did not see that it could have been worse..
I might have been carried away in a hearse.

Allow me to give you a little advise,
When your woman is mean..You better think twice.

If your woman beats you, till your black and blue,
Don't put your hand on her..the judge will get you.

If you have a female that gets in your face,
stay away from that woman..or you will be in my place.

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