Accept my Apology Please....

by Shaista Khadim

I always thought
That their own pleasure was all people sought.
I always cried
Over people's carelessness with my life.
I always hated
Falling for others manipulated baits.
I always misunderstood
Poison to be heavenly food.
I always walked
On paths where I was stalked.
I always ran
Away from everyone,never able to stand.
But never did I fathom
That five fingers are not the same.
There are people who see
And accept my true self with glee.
Who don't bicker over changing me
But are content with me.
Who wish to walk with my hand in theirs
Who can join tears and joy in pairs.
And following this trend
Though hard to find, there exists such a friend.
And if YOU are reading this,
I so wish
That two words you can hear from me
"Thank You" and "Sorry".

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Thank you & sorry
by: S.W.K

do u think these two words Thank you & sorry, that 'YOU; would ever wanna hear frm u !!! i mean judging frm ur words hes sum1 who cares and he would die before hed hear u say sorry fr anything u did especially wen it wasnt ur fault!!!!!

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