Afraid To Be Alone

by Miri Ladenburger
(Thornton, CO)

My heart hurts and I'm afraid to be alone,
My body and soul aching down to the bone,
I feel like an anchor has crashed into my chest,
Breaking some bones and smashing the rest,
A bright blue sky awaits every happy face,
Lightning strikes as you walk to embrace,
That person you trusted is not your friend,
Their love isn't will always end,
Harmless it seems to the cold hearted man,
They mess with your mind and hold out their hand,
That smile on your face will fade into tears,
You'll be left feeling small and alone with your fears,
God!!! When is it my turn to love a good man?
How can I trust you have a genuine plan?
Please God I beg you to take all that I cannot mend,
Bring this self driven pain to it's overdue end,
Help me to feel safe and secure in my own skin,
I'm ready for my will to stop and for yours to begin.

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