African Dream

by Edson Prodigy Maleyane

Extended like a chain my faith remains
Destruction melted to the drains by the brains
Success reigns in my heart like a blue crane
Onwards I go like trains trailing the rail
No strains or rains are strong enough firmly my heart remains

highly ambitious as planEs
anxiously cautious with my priDe
as Ignatius pain creeps to the Soul
as it smoulders deliciously by gleam alOne
decisions gave me my prestigious stream but crucial oNes

Missionary my thoughts are
As destruction is the only objection in my mission
Like a mirror objecting a person but
Elimination of destruction with no hesitation is succession
Yet conditions of me are a good motivation
As passion results in fashion
No destination is unreachable with passion
Edson is true reflection and a real decoration of an African dream

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