Alcoholic Apocalypse

by Warwick Lane
(Eastbourne, Sussex, England)

Another insight into my despairing alcohol driven world,
Where I revel from a tipsy state to the spinning swirls.
Dependence on the drink stems from sadness without it,
Sitting motionless with another bottle feeding my habit.

Failing in my attempts to relieve the pain lying within,
Circling vortex surrounds me of flaws, failures and sins.
Trying to remember the last time I genuinely smiled,
Not a fake expression of joy that was hastily styled.

Can’t even ask for help, it’s seen as attention seeking,
So I spend my life secluded as the voices start speaking.
I’m unable to escape misery as ghosts come to haunt,
Downing vodka attempting to numb their cruel taunts.

Don’t feel bad for me, I created this mess all by myself,
I was ready-made for love but I was left on the shelf.
Occupying the shelf alone, cold and covered in dust,
Every day that goes by my heart continues to rust.

There’s no end in sight for the man without meaning,
An empty shell drinking, while his insides are screaming.
Unless someone dares rescue this faulty, damaged man,
I hope for my own sake that there’s someone who can.

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Apocalypse Rising
by: Anonymous

Don't despair for there will come a day
when your spirit will find another way
learning to live the with pain
and to dance in the rain
with compassion for those ends that become freyed

alchy says he has the answer now
but never seems to live up to his vow
the mind can never become serene
with such a torrential surge of dopamine
waking you up the next morning with the question of how?

we are like infants with gaping wounds
reaching for what will make us swoon
like babies having a fit
sucking on the existential tit
and shooting our promises at the moon

so, young man, use the gift of your frontal cortex
teach your monkey brain to rise above this vortex
your mind is your great tool
so get back to AA school
and kick old alchy towards the exit..

Good luck and Best Wishes!

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