by Pauline Harley

No one knows the time or the hour
For it is one if those things beyond our power
Live each day as if it your last
Do not dwell on harsh times that have past
Life is too short it all goes so fast
Cherish the memories make the good times last
Act on impulse take a chance
Let your spirit come alive let your soul dance
Live the dream find what’s really inside
Discover what it truly feels like to be alive
Life has such meaning there’s no doubting that
Sit back put your feet up unwind relax
Find where you really want to be at
Hear your inner voice guiding you to make the right choice
Banish the demon that thwarts your soul
Set yourself a new life’s goal
Turn the corner make amends
Smile be happy laugh with friends
Inhale deep breaths of fresh morning air
Kick the sand from between your toes as you walk without a care
Head up high standing tall have the time of your life it’s your call
Take on the world you will succeed just believe you can do it
Take the lead.

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