All In a Day's Laugh

by Ralph Randolph Sawyer
(Houston, Texas)

With a funny little hat
And with funny little shoes
Was a funny little man
Who tried hard to chase the blues
All day and all night
The funny man told jokes
And tried to tell them right
He was just common folk
Until one day the funny little man
Heard someone else had just the same plan
To tell the best joke
Every week day
And save the best one to tell on Saturday
But the other little man
Seemed to tell a better line
And folks lined up
To have a good time
It seemed that jokes came all too well
For the other little man
A joke to tell
So the first little man
Gave up his trade
It seemed he could not make the grade
All ended well for the first little man
For he had launched
A devious plan
The first man ran for President
Of the whole world
And if you ever look him up
You will find him all curled
In the Lincoln bedroom
Where his plan he made
There will be no more jokes
On my watch he said
The first little man had his way
And he is the best joke
In the White House today

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