All Yours..

by Archana Kurup
(Trivandrum, Kerala, India)

The kisses we shared
So unexpected and sudden
Taking my breath away
At their beauty..their sweetness…..

Lips silently touching….
Reaching somewhere deep inside
And rekindling feelings
Buried long ago and forgotten….

Hearts beating together
And reaching out
To mutely grasp
And silently give….

The unspoken words
Hung around in the air
Not needing to be said…
But felt all the same….

So hard to describe
The feelings inside
Hearts full to the brim
Of love’s wonder…and its pain…

A pleasure so beautiful,
Intense and gentle
A pain so sweet,
Touching and poignant…

Pricking at the eyes
Whenever remembered
And bringing tears
At their memory….

The magical moments
With their soft radiance
And bewitching silence
Will never come again…

But they will be there
For always….to hold on to…
To cherish….to treasure…
And remind me of the times…

…When I gave myself to you…
…And became all yours……

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May 14, 2014
by: Paul

Really enjoyed your poem. I have feelings like you've described for a very special lady. We've been seeing each other for two years but it's complicated and we can't be together the way I wish we could.

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