Alliteration Poems

It is not always easy to craft poetry using stylistic devices. Alliteration Poems from the writers at My Word Wizard do just that.

These poems deploy a technique that use the same consonant at the beginning of each stressed syllable in a line of verse.  For example "behind the tree the befuddled beagle barked ".

Remember, it is the sound of the letter and not the letter itself that makes a poem alliterative.  So, “great” and “gigantic” do not alliterate, but “joke” and “giant” do.

We hope you enjoy this delightfully playful collection. And for teachers, assigning your students to write some of their own can be a great exercise in language skills

Fast Rabbits

Rabbits running so very fast
In the field of green, green grass.
Sniffing for scents of snack time treats,
Hippity Hopping on their happy bunny feet.
When carrots and other foods are found
The rabbits prance and pounce.

Curious Cats

Curious cats crouch on the window sill
Watching unwaveringly through the glass
As blue birds fly by.
Curious cats are
Almost two headed in a sensitive sense,
Still alert and aware
Of the running, rotten rats behind them.


Rain races onto the porch
Hitting hard like
Rockets rushing in a race to the glass.
Rattling rain, rattling the window panes.
The droplets dance daintily
Until they cleverly connect in
A pool of promise for a rainbow.

Leaping Lions

Leaping Lions leap after lengthy naps.
They sleepily stretch strong appendages
To prepare properly for the precious hunt.
Young, youthful lions
Gallop gallantly on the grassland plains.
Then they too sleep serenely after strenuous stretching.

The Wonderful Wind

The wonderful wind whistles
Repeated reminders throughout the day
Telling tales of what is coming
Predicting and preparing us to pray.
The wise wind sometimes whispers
The secrets that have been secretly hid.

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

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