Alone In A Room Full of People,

by Lauren
(England, Alone.)

The outcast of my friends,
The outcast of my school,
All what I will ever be,
The outcast of my family...

In this room;
So alone,
My lessons past by in a blur.

Some people hate on me,
I don't know why,
What did I do?
Would they feel better if I died?

I don't wanna die,
I just...
Don't want to feel this pain.
I'm invisible.

People ask where I am when I'm right next to them.
Is it something they did?
Is is something I said?

I feel like I can tell my friends,
I've tried to,
But they take it the wrong way.

Why can't they understand?
The poems aren't about a friend,
They're about me.
I'm so sorry...
I'm not going to drag you into this.

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by: Rachel

Hey Lauren great poem. I think you have really embraced what you think your life means and try to express that in poetry. Keep up the flawless work Lauren.

From your best friend/ Poet


by: lucy

u don't need to worry anymore i will always be with u twin. luv the poem

It will pass. Talk to someone
by: Anonymous

Don't feel sad. Teenage years pass and there will come a time when you won't remember this. It will pass and it will come good again. You'll grow out of this. I acknowledge how you feel. Talk to someone or get someone you can talk to. You'll get out of this.

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