Alone, Surrounded by Strangers!

by Aoinaiya Yuukishishi
(Sri Lanka)

I'm hated.
I'm all alone, again, today
as usual,
excluded by everyone.
everyone hates me
but act as if they don't,
Do I have a bad personality?
hmm...maybe I guess
I think so
'cause that's the one and only reason
I can think of
since I'm alone.
But then,
you're pretty bad too.
I guess
I live a cursed life.
What am i really?
What's the real purpose of me?
Am I that useless?
Really, what's life?
How's my life supposed to be?
Why am I the only kid to live such a cursed life?
Why is it only me, not others?
So many questions yet without any answers
I don't know...
I mean, I actually don't get it;
what's really happening to me?
I know that
there are many children out there
worse than me
yet as for me;
I really don't get it!
I'm a child
whose got both sad feelings and memories.
An unlucky child like me
has to experience everything terrible!
Why do all unstoppable things
happen to me, only me? !
How boring;
life's boring...
No! Everything's boring
but don't give up yet so cheer up
'cause I still have myself.
I don't need anyone right now
but later I know that
there will be at least be one person for me
and as for now,
I don't mind it
I am alone in every way,
surrounded by strangers!

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