by James J. Dye
(Dubuque, IA USA)

Alone without love;
a drone without truth;
a clone with a smile
on loan and in denial
lies without thinking;
cries without blinking.
My drying eyes deny.

We're all alone.
We're all, alone.

Find your soul at home
all alone. I don't know
a precious stone.
Nothing's known, alone.

I've never been; never seen.
All is forgotten alone.
And in sleeping sorrow
I dream.
But nothing is shown.

We're all alone.
We're all, alone,

at sea without stars;
not free, in the dark.
Forever won't be
together with me.
And I am unknown.

My poem too: Alone.
There is no one home.
There is nothing shone.
My skin is blue and I
have no face, no mouth,
nor eyes.

I'm thrown away,
to moan in a grave;
entombed in a room
not to be loved
for aimless years;
slowly dying young.

A vacant stone,
is all alone.
My gravestone:
"He was alone."
My bones groan
crumbling alone.
I'm windblown
rolling along.

We're all alone.
We're all, alone.

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by: Anonymous

I loved your poem!
You are not alone
a thinker can find bliss
in what others miss!

by: AmyBeth

Such a brilliant piece, so moving and so deep. just beautiful. :-)

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