by Caneel
(Maine, USA)

At school, I am a weirdo
At home, I am a liar
With everyone else, I am a castoff

I have no true friends
They either think I'm weird, or pretend
Every day is a battlefield
Every step is an agony

At night, I am so much more

I am never alone, in my head

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by: Anonymous

Hi Caneel! What you said in your poem is 100% TRUE!!! Haha just kidding. :P Hey~ I'm not your friend?! Well then I see how it is.
Hey guess what

I made you a waffle

But then I was like

"I'm mad"

(>^-^)> -# <(*-*)>
So I threw it at you

(>^-^)> <(*#*)>
It hit cho face

by: Alice

Wow caneel but i'm your friend i'm sorry if i have ever hurt you. I WOVE YOU!!!!!! You are a weirdo but in a good way i'm a weirdo too EMBRACE IT!!!!!! It's your best quality its better to be different then the same because then you won't succeed as much in life as all the others. YOUR AMAZING!!!!!! Never EVER forget that! Once Again!


by: lucy

I luv this is great, it kinda relates to me but i have friends but they don't feel like my friends, all they do is shout at me all the time because I'm stupid. i hope this isn't happening to u?

by: Rachel

Wow Caneel what a at poem. I sometimes find that I'm different at home than I am at school. To me that poem really spoke to me. Hope you write more.

Dear Anonymous
by: Caneel

Dear Anonymous Who Commented On My Poem 'Alone',

I can't seem to find a picture of myself
I am sorry for that
But thank you, thank you
You made my day

My hair is brown
And asymmetrical
My eyes are blue
And change shade with my mood

I have fair skin
And I don't really care about the clothes part
I'm not really fussy about looking girly
I like to wear black and blue

I am writing a book with a friend
It's called Your 18th Birthday
We hope to get it published soon
Keep an eye out!

I will write more poems soon
Keep in touch!!!

i like it
by: Anonymous

i like your poem i thought it was awesome

So much like I was and still am.
by: Anonymous

I just was so amazed after reading your poem.
I would have said the same thing when I was MUCH younger.
I am now eighty and I now laugh because I am still the same as I always have been but the difference now is I have many friends. They are not calling me a weirdo or liar any more. I felt like a cast off then but not anymore. I will eventually send you a picture of myself when all that was happening to me and a picture of me now.

I am glad I got to read your poem and I hope to get a PICTURE OF YOU. You really must be a sescial person because I let two of my grown children read your poem and they said that you sound just like me and they think I am super special. When your special like this some people become very jealous and they call you names because they are very insecure and don't know how to handle someone being really special. I can't wait to read more of your poems. Ta ta for now good buddy.

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