by Lauren R.

You were my best friend,
The only one I could trust,
And then you lied to me,
I died a little more inside.

Each time you lie,
I die a little inside,
Yet you keep on lying.
And all I can do is ask myself "why?"

Now I'm alone,
I've realised I can't trust anyone.
I'll never trust anyone truly ever again,
Are you happy with yourself now?

Trying to be better than me,
Smarter than me,
So much pain inside me now,
No way to get rid of it,
Proud of yourself?

But along with the pain there's hate,
Pure hate.
Don't worry,
It's not at you; It's at myself.

I hate myself.
because people like you
always do this to me.
There must be something wrong with me
for this to happen.

Its all my fault.
That doesn't mean that I'm going to be,
friends with you again though.
I'm going to stay away from everyone.

I might just become a loner,
Than no one including myself will
ever have to go through this again.
No one will hurt me,
If I don't care about them
they can't hurt me,

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hello Lauren
by: lucy

ur poems are amazin just like u.

To Lauren
by: Rachel

Wow yet again Lauren you have stunned me with your poetry. I hope that I'm not like that towards you. I know you're a fantastic person Lauren, who just needs a friend during troubled times. I hope life brings more happiness than you could wish for. Keep writing the emotional yet thrilling poems.

by: Lauren

Thank you!

by: Shaista Khadim

Yet again,you have created a masterpiece Lauren..your poems are very sensual and create a lot of sympathy...however someone who has been through your state can truly understand your pain.But friend,the real reason THEY hurt you is because they are jealous of you....and always remember if you bow in front of God ,you don't have to bow in front of anyone else.One more thing,someone who thinks you're worthless does not know your worth and so doesn't deserve you.I learnt this the hard way through a true friend.take care:)

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