Alphabet Poem (working title)

by Catherine

Always feel like I’m
Being asked to do to some
Chore around the house.
Do it now!
Everything is dirty!
Fuss all you want but you
Gotta do it anyway.
Happy attitude please.

I’d rather be writing
Just because I miss it.
Knowing I need to polish my craft
Look for ways to eliminate clichés.
Must eliminate clichés—that cardinal writing sin!
No comparisons of eyes to the color of the ocean
Or skin to snow.

Presently perfection is not my goal
Quite the opposite in fact.
Really I should just write.
Shut up my internal editor.
Tell myself that words on the page
Ultimately matter.

Very few writers get it right the first time.
Writing is a process not a superpower like
X-ray vision that sees perfectly through all.
Yet even if I get words down sometimes, I feel
Zilch is what I’ve accomplished.

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Nice and beautiful
by: Ranjan

I absolutely cherish this poem. It's cute, I think it is unique.

by: Gay Cannon

Good job on the poem. We all feel that way and sometimes we're overly critical and sometimes not critical enough. Interesting challenge to start with alphabet sequence. I think set forms are challenging. I started with beatnik stuff and moved all the way to structured sonnets and then returned to free verse. Try everything. Keep writing. It's obvious you're quite talented and have a passion for it.

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