Alphabet Poem

by Heather
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

A young girl (me) does not have the best life; her boyfriend cheated on her

But luckily she has her friends to keep her life stable

Constantly laughing with the people who make her happy

Deciding what ways there are to save her from her depressing life at home

Eager, the closest friend talks with the girl about life and how it’s not always the fairest element

Finally, the bubble this young girl has been in, is broken into pieces

Greatly, she feels like an enormous weight has been lifted from her shoulders

Happily she tells her friends everything and all decide to go to a movie to celebrate

Importantly she knows to always be careful but
knows its OK to take risks

Jokingly, they act like her ex-boyfriend to make her laugh

Killing her inside, she looks around and starts tearing up

Lovingly she states she misses him but it was for the best to end the relationship, even though they were high school sweethearts

Moaning, she finds him in the mall

Not sure what to do, she hides behind her friends

Obviously this girl is afraid to talk; she can’t figure out what to say

Presently she feels nervous which is natural any time

Quickly leaves her friends to hide behind other groups of people; there was a plan to get her away

Realizing he was crying because he lost his love

Surprised out of the blue, the two lovebirds bump shoulders

Tearing, he starts apologizing about the incident, but she stops him in his tracks

Unkindly, she calls him “ the man I loved who will never get me back”

Viciously he goes up to her, and tells her, “ I never meant to hurt you. You are the one and only one I truly love.”

Worried, she gives him an enormous hug and kiss to remember her by

Youthfully, they go hand in hand down the hall and he drops and picks her up from the class

Zesty, they go on an adorable romantic date he planned for the evening

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