by Prabha Mehta
(Vadodara, Gujarat, India)

The moment I begin to
Think, ‘all is well’
Something happens
To dampen my spirit, my soul!

When I watch the skies,
Hoping for some sunshine,
The Sun extinguishes itself,
Under dark cloud cover!

When I am parched,
Thirsting for a few raindrops,
The clouds disappear,
Crushing my hopes!

Why? I ask why?
The joy eludes me!
I wait! Waited long enough!
Holding on to tiny thread of sanguinity!

Now, no more,
My dreams are flying away,
Out of my grasp,
For every breath, I gasp!

The Sun, Rain, or a whiff of breeze
If you ever came knocking at my door
Imploring me to let you in
I’ll close my eyes, shut you out!

Where were you
When I needed you
Now go thrive elsewhere
I am done!

I have lost strength
To play anymore,
Hide and seek
With joy and grief!

© Prabha Mehta

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