Am I Here To Stay...

by Melissa Pantall Hall
(Mobile, Alabama, USA)

I don’t know what my future holds,
Or goals that I should win.
I don’t know where I’m going,
And I don’t remember where I’ve been.

I’m lost in distractions,
Life so I’m told.
I can’t dream about the future,
Today consumes my soul.

My future seems so impossible,
My dreams so out of control.
I’m lost in my own footsteps,
And my heart was put on hold.

No one can tell me different,
Because each is to his own.
The very thought of companionship,
Is always far too gone.

So for what I’m supposed to do in this life,
I don’t really know what it is.
The trees are overgrown with strife,
And I feel more and more like a kid.

So please don’t tell me what to do,
My mind doesn’t work that way.
The greener fields will come and go,
But I am here to stay.

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by: Katherine

This touches my soul. I like it very much. You sound like a serious poetry writer. Wanna hear more from you. :)

To you Gr Shirley :)
by: Melissa Pantall Hall

Hi Gr Shirley,
Thank you for sharing. I'm half your age and I am loving every minute of it, well for the most part. I truly will not mind when I reach your age because I have come to realize life can be gone with a blink of an eye. I use to think life was short, but it is long. We can't forget to enjoy the here and now because those are the ones we can't get back. I am a widow and have 2 beautiful children (17 and 10). The road is hard sometimes for a single mom with two, but I can say we are truly blessed. I forget that sometimes.
I love the fact that you used Rail Road in the way you live your life. I love the trains, my grandfather worked the rails for his lifetime and for some reason when I wake in the morning and drink my coffee on the back portch, It just is not complete until the train comes.
With all of the family you have, you sound like you have been having the time of your life.
Don't blink, just live... The Dash is so worth it!
God Speed,

You Sound
by: Shirley

Melissa, you sound in this poem just like me. That is pretty much like how I write poetry. I can tell by your name you are much younger than I am. I am 80 yrs in June of this year. I bet you're glad you are not that old. Quite frankly I love being this old as I find now I can run my own rail road and get away with all most anything because my family excuses me because of my age.
I hear them say to me...that's ok mom. I love it.

I am a mom of four, 2 boys and two girls. Grandma of 13. Gr grandma of 10. I cannot believe it myself. Time does fly when your having fun.
By the way...I really like your poem.
Ta ta for now, Gr Shirley

by: Anonymous

This hits home

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