by Alli Anu Oluwadamilare
(Owode Ijako, Ogun state)

Am I worthy?
To be called your lover.
When you're cold,
Am I worthy to be your cover?
Like a bird of feathers,
Do you see me as your type?
When sorrow overshadow your weather,
I can give the dying joy in you a hype.

Am I worthy to be called your own?
When you're broke,
Do you see my pocket full enough to be your loan?
Like a horse hit by a stroke,
My love can take you far
In pain and sweat without losing hope.
Dear, can I be your star?
In darkness when your light can't seem to cope.

Just take my hand
And say yes.
By my side, just take a stand
And stay blessed.
My love for you
Is of sky-high worth.
And my love will forever beat for you too
As long as the clock tick now and forth.

Just count me worthy
And say yes
For I'll give you my soul and body
And wrap you in a love that age-less.

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