Ambiguous Poetry:

by afghanacid
(London, United Kingdom)

Ambiguous poetry: what does it mean?
Try to imagine: now what have we seen?
A rainbow, a car, a knife in their backs,
cross sections of life: seen smaller through cracks.

The general consensus - ‘what does this mean?
We get the idea, yet much more has been seen’.
Twisting the mind, as we puzzle with sense,
did he push her away? Or did he aid her defence?

Ambiguous poetry, meanings which hide,
or sweet sounding words, just warm us inside.
Ambiguous poetry, cryptic life lesson,
tangles of words, thoughts and expression.

Ambiguous poetry: strengthens the mind,
those who dare seek: that’s where you will find.

Why look to others, asking their take?
Ambiguous poetry: is what you make.

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