An Adventurous Ride!

by Sujatha G
(Coimbatore, TamilNadu, India)

"Come on Pals!
Lets take an Adventurous Ride!"
Soft conditioned air,
Silent rhythmic sounds,
Distant murmurs,
And? Wow! ENEMY'S out!
Soft whisper.

Friends enter each cave carefully!!
Ssh! Ssh! Slow. Slow!
Juum, Boom, Bomb!
Juum, Boom, Bomb!

Clock strikes 12.
In a sudden fit
the cave opens.
Fights were on
To enter it.

One enters,
Then, another one.
Darkness, terror,
Noiseless aura

They shivered.
Pale, yellowish
White tint rocks
Let blurred beams of light through.
Stopper was on.

"Lets take an Adventurous Ride!"
Rocks bounced them
Back and forth
To lay on a wet sponge
At middle-
A long stretch?

Shattered silence with harsh roar
Vibrates the cave.
First - distant,
Then - little noisy,
Then - Fierce, Heavy!
Both pals struggle.
Bodies of the two
on the sponge bed
Vibrate rhythmically.
"Do you think
We'll survive?"

"No."; "Roar's strong"!
"Not that!"
then, "Ouch!"
"What?" Suffocated air
Swooned one.

Wet bed pressured
Consciousness slowly.
"Ooohhh! What's that?"
"That Pungent?"
"Oh! That's the decay!!!"
Light beam of thin strip
Grew more.
Stopper stopped;
Cave opened.
Pungent Jet pushed
Them out.
Giant voice?
"Ah! You MOSQUITO!!!
You entered my mouth?

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