An Egg Heart

by Zainab Salim
(Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

As a sensitive personality I hold….
I tend to be easily hurt
I feel deep pain a lot,
when close ones hurt me most.

Deep sadness overcomes me
My eyes begin to moisten.
I suddenly develop a flu
A migraine becomes ruler of my head.

When no one is bothered to watch,
I cry aloud but still, no one hears my voice.
Searching for that big hug that
once was given to me when I was a child,
but wherever I glance now, all the doors are closed
Too sad to say even windows are shut

It’s tiring to be blamed and
proven wrong every time
It's boring to say you are sorry
when there is no need

I need to take a deep breath
Before I make a wish
Where can I find a lovely world?
In which I could completely fit in

Tired of cleaning the floor
which everyday gathers dust
Only when they need me
do they wear their innocent masks,
and later say of me, "those are little things,"
"You are making them look big."

Everyday I forgive, but until then
How sad I tend to be.
It is hard to explain.
When someone hurts my heart, it
feels as if a needle has been inserted

No matter how hard I try to forget and not to cry,
that is when I cry all the more……

Copyright © 2010 Zainab Salim

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