An Encounter With An Arab Man

by Alon Calinao Dy
(Samar, Philippines)

An Arab man greeted me,
"As- salam alaykum"
(Peace be upon you).
"Wa alaykum s-salam"
(Peace be with you too),
I answered politely.

Then suddenly,
He asked me,
"Fen Hammam?"
(Where is the toilet?).
I said, "asif. La a'rif, sir"
(Sorry. I don't know, sir).

He further commented ,
"Lesh, mafi muk!"
(Why, you have no brain!).
I just smiled
And he disappeared.

...In the Middle East,
You should learn something-
Basic Arabic phrases at least.
So, you won't end up like me
By this brainy king!

A lesson of the day:
Understand someone's shoes,
Watch out for every word you say
Be careful what you wish for
Because it may speak about you.

Written by Alon Calinao Dy

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