An Exchange of Love

by George Hiegel
(Erie, PA US)

Lady, may I ask you
Could it possibly be?
That one day soon
You will marry me.

Marry you?
Are you out of your mind
There are better men
Than you to find.

Find them all
I do not care
None will find you
All that rare.

Rare indeed
You foul tongued beast
All would find me
A pleasing feast.

Feast! Feast!
You have lost your head
If you’d be food
All men be dead.

Dead! Dead!
I know it where
In bed with you
I’m already there.

There’s death in our bed
Yes, it’s true
But if I have it now
I got it from you.

You have said your last
Because I have a gun
And I’ll pull the trigger
Until the job is done.

The job will be done
By you and me
I have a gun too
As you can plainly see.

See the hand of each one rise
From a place drawn down so low
Triggers initiate a deadly shift
Back toward what they both know.

Know two pops pierce the air
Know two bullets brought them down
Their bodies drift slowly out
To earth to earth without a sound.

Two shots fired just as one
Leave them both without life
One bullet for the husband
One bullet for the wife.

Heart to heart, they exchanged their love
Standing there in the bitter cold
Love is often quite strange
Or so I’ve been told.

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