Angel in disguised

by Connie Griggs
(East Prairie mo.)

There was a strange man who was just passig by in a small town Where we all knew each other and all about each other lifes. This stranger wore old clothes, old shoes on his feet. And old hat he wore on his head. He just stood there watching all drive by. On our busy street..He just stood there all day. only a tear he wipe away . soon night will fall the strange msn just stood there not, ,a word he heard or smile he saw... Night soon to fall. And, then few decided to stop and ask are you lost can we help you in anyway? The strange man just shook his head no. And said i only.want to share my love i have odo2n deep insidede. Please if you don't mind just.a few minutess of your time. So the few that dexuded to stop. There life's were touched and differnt from that day on. They turned around only to say goosby3

the stranger alone. To turn around to say one last goodbye. The strange man was gone. He never been sewn again since that day.They often wondered from that day on. Who was this stramge man that day that wore old clothes, old ,shoes on his feet, a old hat on his head. Was he just a stranger passing by?. Or was he a angel dressed in diguised?.

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