Angel Teardrops

by Erin Coneley

My guardian angel,once careless and free
flew into the clouds and lost touch with me.
Her tears were cold and wet,falling on her face,
Her smile left without a trace.

Her angelic lips quivered,frozen and scared.
I felt rain clouds visiting, and had to prepare.
I knew that angels,often content,were very
special presents that God had sent.

To see one so sad,
so afraid,
so alone,
had made me weep while the cold winds had blown.

Her wings lost feathers,
comforting and soft,
falling from the star,
floating aloft.

Her pain was felt throughout the land,
to feel true misery is impossible to stand.
I prayed so that when her huting stops,
Ill be able to taste the angels teardrops.

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by: Pauline Harley

truly beautiful use of the words well done

Beautiful lifting poetry
by: Brendaisapoet

The poem is awesome and I also thank you for the follow on Twitter i am imagining that you are the one and the same who followed me this week don't know how I know I just do that's all :) Anyway there aren't enough poetry sensitive people around nowadays that are true to this craft oh! they say they are but truth to the bone No I think not but you have some very nice posts here after I perused and will finish later on this week. Take care and I will continue to play nice with folks it's hard but somehow I succeed!:)

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