by Emma Ryan
(Port Talbot)

Can you say what an angel is?
A fictional 'good' with halo and wings?
A harp in one hand and a cloud of his own,
To relax and look heavenly while he sings?

But what if that cloud is an angel's car?
And the harp in tune with distress calls?
Would that explain how they seem to know
the time and place they're needed to fall?

Or is it that God has a master plan
for angels to be born here on Earth?
Is that the reason for a new baby's glow?
- The shining light of an angel's worth.

If an angel could choose his own disguise,
I wonder what he'd prefer to be.
Would he have a career to help his cause?
Or would he struggle through humbly?

Perhaps the image I see is wrong
What truth do the fairy tales hide?
With no harp or wings, or heavenly song,
Is an angel the friend at my side?

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