Angelic Visage

by Yardley Taracena ;)

You got that angel face
that’s every girls aspire.
You're like the sunshine
you give everything vigor
You’re so beautiful
that’s what I admire.
Your face is brighter
then the stars in the sky
it's an angelic figure.
That angelic face caught me
like barbed wire.
You're extremely beautiful
only reason to respire,
That’s why you’re the only one
on my repertoire.

Your visage is quite angelic,
If it was on every stamp
I'd become a philatelic.
Hair, smile, eyes
your complexion's so angelic.
Your visage is so angelic
you’ll become a relic.
Your gorgeous
your mien is angelic.

You got such an angelic guise.
That angel face gives such essence.
You’re too beautiful
you don’t need a disguise.
Your angelic visage
is a lambent presence.
You got a beautiful way with words
your angelically wise.
You’re so beautiful;
you got an angel face,
best way to characterize.
You’re so sweet
I cant imagine your absence.
Lovely, beautiful, gorgeous
those are my results when I scrutinize.
You’re so angelic
you give everything cadence.
Your countenance is angel like,
that’s why you’re an eminence.

Just take a look in the mirror
and you’ll see an angel.
Your face is angelic it's so radiant,
And since your face is angelic
and it’s your reflection,
Your angelic beauty is incessant.
You’ve been angelic since inception,
First girl with an angelic face
that’s so lucent.
Your ambiance is angelical
that’s why you’re an inclination,
And your angelic resplendence is consistent.
Your visage is angel like
it’s so precious it's like radiation.

Your G-d's pure lovely angel,
You got that adorable glittery halo.
Must of hurt when you fell from heaven,
Because you’re such an angel.
But G-d heard my prayers and sent you,
Because you’re remarkably ethereal.
Every time I read Philippians 4:8
I envision you…

Philippians 4:8
Finally, brethren, whatever things are true,
Whatever things are honest,
Whatever things are just,
Whatever things are pure,
Whatever things are lovely,
Whatever things are of good report;
If there be any virtue, and if there be any praise,
Think on these things.

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