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November 2011 Featured Poet

Anna Lovering

Anna Lovering

Anna Lovering is a highly talented artist who explores her creative impulses through various mediums such as black and white photography, ceramics, drawing, watercolor, metallurgy, oil painting, acrylics, pastels, music, and creative writing.

As a self taught artist she made the decision to supplement her natural artistic abilities through formal studies, first at South Plains College in Levelland, Texas, then moving forward to Texas Tech University. Along the way she studied under other artists who have showcased their works in and around the southwest galleries, notables such as Marilyn Dewbre, and Al Henderson.

Her own work has been exhibited in many galleries including The Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts, On Q, Space 1110, and Texas Tech Museum. Anna’s black and white photography and written works have been published in Plainspoken, a journal of literature and art at South Plains College. Published illustration work includes Special Publications, a biology wildlife journal for the Museum of Texas Tech University. She has also received commissions for graphic work and writing from individuals and business entities.

On her writing, Anna says “literature, the language, and mechanics have woven their possibility through each piece and I hope that you enjoy what you have read.”

We are honored that Anna has graced our pages with her deeply sentient poetry.

Anna Lovering can be found on Twitter @AnnaLovering.


'Shadow,' an entrepreneur of
life sews thoughts
out of lights, then
directs them to set
action. To

Tip-toe at night, and
lean in and around
doorways, which invite
IN. Come, sit for a

spell and drink it all in.
Then hurried out to walk hours.
A bridge, leading into
grain daylight.

While already picked flowers
grew in a garden
before you bent
over with airy

steps which linger
'Shadow,' who holds a number of
disguises to court the pavement
while left to right. Swaying to

hold a hand against a
brick wall, wave for you
simultaneously as
you've walked down a street.


Rain filled a well
whilst crocuses in
fields whorled and twirled

With highlights casting
Shadows of ravens
In flight to land and

Create their mark as a
Brush stamped our earth and
Time honored her maidens

which danced atop spoon
Capped mushrooms
where sheer

Crimson poppies
folded as umbrellas to hoist
her along.

River beds forked out
of ashen grey silt
Where a Raven's stomping

ground took
Persephone down
who dusted cobwebs and

scattered seeds.
Nine, 'dear darling';
she shant stray.

Lucky to betwixt
a character so wild
within a heart, that

would not deceive.
That's why I chose her.
not through shame or

Impurity. Her mark graceful
and curious. Heart,alongside
hard work as Laborious.

© Anna Lovering * 2011 * All Rights Reserved


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